About Us

Welcome to Homestead Hybrid where Knowledge is Power 

Homestead Hybrid is a developing Open Source based company. Our mission is to help make the modern Homestead and Off Grid Solar more tangible to everyone. We are pursuing this through free information, sourcing quality Equipment and Peer to Peer Support.

We also have created a store of Do It Yourself Systems and Kits that may be built or installed with the assistance of our Free Tutorials/Workshops, Available Documents and/or Peer to Peer Forums. It is important for us to have products that individuals and families can rely on in the most remote places on Earth.

In the mean time, the Store is Live to purchase most Equipment/Hardware listed as available and if there is anything specific you're looking for please contact our team at Hello@Homesteadhybrid.info and we will either source it for you or tell you the best place to find.

Join the Community on our Facebook Page at Homestead Hybrid: DIY Solar Forums and Subscribe by email to be notified about out "DIY 101 Series" and Free Workshops coming in 2021

 Located in Moab, Utah. Areas of focus Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho and Montana.