10 Gauge AWG Multi-Strand Insulated Wire

10 Gauge AWG Multi-Strand Insulated Wire

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  • 10 Gauge AWG Multi-Strand Insulated Wire
  • SAE J1128 Type GPT Temperature Rating for individual conductors 60°C/140°F
  • Part # EC C10-2E

We want to hear from you! Call or email us for Custom ends, connectors,  lugs and more. Also if you are looking to buy more that 40 of Wire please contact us directly for discounts and bulk orders.


  • DIY Off-Grid Solar
  • Homestead, Ranch, or Farm
  • Tiny Home, Cabin, Tool Shed, Barn, Gazebo 
  • RV, Camper, Vanlife, Heavy Equipment, 
  • Trailers, ATV, Boats, Mobil Power Station
  • Off Grid Utilities (pumps, gates, lights)
  • Renewable Energy Projects
  • Small Household/Green House Lights & Fans
  • Mobile, Portable and Remote Solar Generators 
  • Weekend Camp Trips or a day at the beach
  • Tailgate Party, Sport Events, Festivals, Shows 
  • Farmers Markets, Community Events, Parks, Back Country
  • All small power electrical devices & PV systems.