120V AC to 13.6V (12v) DC Charger,
120V AC to 13.6V (12v) DC Charger,
120V AC to 13.6V (12v) DC Charger,
120V AC to 13.6V (12v) DC Charger,

120V AC to 13.6V (12v) DC Charger,

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Compatible with WF-9855 & WF-9855-AD

Make sure your battery is lead-acid before buying. Also suitable for WF-9835 with 35AMP current and WF-9875 with 75AMP current. Different currents only affect the charging speed.


Features & details

  • 【DESIGN FOR LEAD-ACID BATTERY BATTERY】This WF-9855 converter is perfectly compatible with WF-9855, WF-9855-AD, WF-9855-LIS, and other WF-9800 series power converters, and is specifically designed for 12 Volt Lead-acid battery batteries.
  • 【THREE-STAGE-CHARGING】This RV power converter adopts Three-Stage Charging. The converter will increase the voltage of your battery to 13.6 Volt and then enter trickle mode. In this mode, the converter maintains the battery level at all times.
  • 【PRODUCT PARAMETERS】POWER: 950 Watts,Output Current:55 Amps,Output Voltage:13.6VDC,Input Voltage/HZ:105-130VAC,60HZ. Includes quiet cooling fan.
  • 【PROTECTIVE FUNCTIONS】This WF-9855 have Overcharge protection,Overvoltage protection,Overcurrent protection,High temp protection,Short circuit protection. The unique design of the cooling system ensures it only operates when necessary, and adopts a brand new silent motor, which reduces noise by 30% compared to other similar chargers.
  • 【2-YEAR WARRANTY】SUPLIFE specializes in the supply of RV accessories and has very extensive RV converter manufacturing experience, we offer a 2-year free warranty on all RV power converters sold. If you have any installation or product-related questions, please feel free to contact us @ hello@homesteadhybrid.info or our online store HomesteadHybrid.com